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SteveB (Stephen Berner) Is On The Air

SteveB is on the Get It Done in 2010 Seminar. He is a MarketingMan with a bent towards motorcycles. He has been there and done that or knows who did it.

Listen to Bob Kay & SteveB on the Biker Pros Podcast.

Each month Biker Pros hosts a teleconference with executives that are in and out of the Powersports marketplace.

About Steve B
SteveB, IronWorks Magazine, Editor in Chief…

In a past life I worked for American Iron Magazine and also wrote for Hot Bike as a freelancer. I am a leather crafter and photographer and publish two of my own blogs – in addition to my 20-hr a day dream job with IronWorks : Steveb’s Daily Blather and 45dgree.


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